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3 Amazing Ways to Design Your Machine Shop Mpls Wedding

Hello lovely brides and grooms!

We couldn't be more excited for you as you plan your Machine Shop Mpls wedding. With the white walls, sky high ceilings and endless design opportunities, it's no wonder Machine Shop is one of our FAVORITE venues here in the Twin Cities.

Today we are showing you 3 amazing ways to design your wedding at Machine Shop Mpls.


Machine Shop has a million places to hang installs and lighting, so TAKE ADVANTAGE! If you're concerned about the height of the ceilings, you can always layer light and florals to give dimension to the space and bring things down a bit. The center truss lowers all the way to the floor so you can adjust the height of an installation to be over your aisle then repurpose over the head table! Loved this event with a canopy of cafe lights coming from the center truss over a gorgeous greenery install.


Machine Shop is a strong, beautiful and historical space. With its industrial elements, we love nothing more than juxtaposing those details with feminine and vintage flair. Mix and match chandeliers, airy furniture and delicate linens to create a cozy fete your guests won't be able to stop swooning over.


Machine Shop truly shines when the outside comes into the space. The more greens...the better! Think installs, greenery chandeliers, and garlands galore. In a city where green space is celebrated, there is nothing better than making your entire event feel like a secret garden.

To inquire about event design with our team, click here!

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