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8 Secrets Your Wedding Planner Wishes She Could Tell You...shhhh

Wedding guru, event designer, savvy stylist and yes, therapist. These are just a few of the terms used to describe a wedding planner. As a seasoned wedding planner with over a decade of life in the wedding planning world, I can tell you that I have seen and experienced A LOT. We go to great lengths every. single. day. to guarantee that beautiful end goal- the bliss of your happiness on the day of your wedding. Today I am sharing the top eight things I wish I could tell all my brides.

We don't tell you everything to protect your happiness. There are little white lies we will tell you during the planning process to keep things on an even keel. If something goes wrong, we are quick on our feet to cover and keep things calm. We are never judging your budget. Your budget is simply a blue print for us to use as we begin collecting quotes and recommending vendors to you. We are often working with budgets well over what our own wedding cost, so never feel like we won't be able to plan the wedding of your dreams because of your funds. We are always planning dozens of events at once. While we are SO excited about your big day, we are also SO excited about the weddings of dozens of other clients getting married at the same time as you. We become masters of juggling all of those precious details at once, so please be patient with us if we blank on your bridal party names or don't get back to your email right away. EVERYONE has family drama. I repeat EVERYONE. You are not alone in your sister or mother-in-law woes. Bringing families together takes a lot of TLC so try not to be too hard on yourself and tread lightly. Your Bridezilla moment will more than likely rear its ugly head. Weddings are EMOTIONAL and it's completely normal to lose your cool. However, be sure to rein in those emotions if you find yourself being snippy with vendors. If you're rude to just one, you can be sure the rest will find out. Your wedding day goes by FAST. Take in every moment! We always try to schedule extra down time into your timeline so you can steal an extra kiss (or two) with your new husband or wife. Something will always go wrong. While we try our hardest, there are just too many variables and people for everything to be perfect. Breathe it in, accept it. It's usually—hopefully—something minor like a broken bra strap or missing escort card. Remember why you are getting married. Remember that all of these details are just background noise. At the end of the day, you have each other and that's all that matters.

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